Dreamweaver Class Notes, Day 3…Finishing in Dreamweaver

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Launch Dreamweaver and open your index page that you created in Fireworks.

Getting the basics
– To get your website to be centered on the page, go to the inspector and align > center.
– Modify > pick background color or pattern

– title your page (appears on the top of the site when someone goes there)
– go to Sites > New site > Advanced
– Name site
– Local roots folder, click on the folder, don’t open it. If you move the site folder to some other location – BE SURE TO CHANGE THIS to the new location.
– Click on “document”
– Add the web site URL
– Click Enable Cache

Now, in the same window, click on the next item in the list >Remote
This info will come from the folks that you got your URL (godaddy, etc.) your web service provider
– Access > FTP
– FTP host > (from your provider)
– Host directory > (from your provider)
– Login > (from your provider)
– Password > they give it to you first, sometime it can be changed
– Smaller sites are usually “passive FTP”
– test it
– don’t automatically upload file on save
– if in a team environment, check in and check out (contribute)

Testing Server
– big companies use this

Design Notes
– team environments
Hit OK

Now you will see your files:
Green Arrow: Get files from server
Blue Arrow: Put files on server
White arrow – check it out
Other white arrow – check it in
Box – split screen view: (click on the box again to re-dock it)Navigate to other sites that you are working on:

Click ob tge plugs to connect to the ftp server

Getting Linked
Click on the target by Link and drag over to the menu with the files and point to the proper file

home doesn’t need a link on the index: , (by entering a “#”)
Do this for all of your pages…linking each one’s menu,Drag each of the pages that are completed into the ftp folder. Click YES for dependent files.

All of the pages are there now:
Get rid of the footer graphic from being in the cell, to be behind the cell. Highlight the source file (Src) and cut/copy (cmd x)
Click away, then click on the gray box …
and delete….
Paste the source into the background (Bg)…
And it becomes the background….do this for all of the static graphics, so that people can’t swipe them, and they become background to write over…(like the scroll-y part)
Do the same for the text background …
But when you click into the to-be-box, just change the Bg color
Always set your defaults to left top.

Creating a Library:
Go to your assets tab and here is where your universal color palette resides for your reference:

To create your library, click on the book icon. At the bottom click on the plus sign and create a new file. Call this “footer”
Type in your footer information and be sure to link everything…as well as the email address which should be in this format: mailto:address@url.com
Make sure you have all of your rollover buttons correct on each page, with the index as a rollover image, going back to index.html and the proper colors, and the name of the page as an image.

Style sheet
– MUST start with a dot (period) then name, no spaces
– chose define in “new style” not this document (only that particular page)

Padding is for pictures, margins is for text…usually. But you can pad the cell (and give it a style sheet)


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Dreamweaver Class Notes, Day 3…Building with Fireworks and Photoshop .psd Dreamweaver Class Notes, Day 3…Building with Fireworks and Photoshop .psd

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