Dreamweaver Class Notes, Day 2…Building a site from parts in Dreamweaver

December 4, 2008 at 3:16 pm 1 comment

Weird Rules:
Nothing is something, but zero is nothing… If there is NOT a number in a measurement box, it will default to something, if you truly want the measurement to be nothing, type in a 0 (zero).

The default setting for a table is “center”

Text boxes grow and shrink with the amount of copy. If a text box isn’t shrinking back, then you probably have returns in the copy that need to be eliminated.

Nest a table instead of adding cells and rows.

Soft return (not as a hideous amount of space) : Shift + return

Building a site from scratch in Dreamweaver

New > Pick “None” from the menu
3 cells by 3 rows (or 2…what ever you think is best)
800 pixels
Merge the top 3 cells, by clicking on the top left cell and dragging your cursor through the top 3. Go to Modify > Table > Merge

Merge the bottom cells to make the footer, and type in your info, be sure to include the nav menu in html, in case the links are broken in the art header’s hot spots.

Now, let’s make the “hot spots” for the links in the header.
– Click on the header graphic
– select the rectangle in the properties inspector at the bottom
– draw around the word home and decribe the link in the alt box

If you want a link to go to an outside link, (like contact us)
Type in the URL (including http://)
Select _blank as the target, to open another page.

Select the lower 3 cells, and select the placement to make the defaults left and top.

Click in the first box and either drag the divding line between the 2 boxes and visually drag to establish the width of the cloumn, or type in a number in the inspector palette.

To make a gradient in the column, go back to fireworks and create a box the width of the column, and make a gradient that ends at white.

Using the Export Wizard, export at a jpg (better for gradients).

Go back to Dreamweaver and add to the column. ( Bg) click on the folder icon and check if it works.

If it doesn’t go back to fireworks and adjust the size of the box, making it tall and skinny 20 x 1600 (the max depth that you think your page will be, otherwise it will repeat itself, which is irritating) , and adjust the gradient to be about 100 px tall.

To make the gradient extend across the page, click on the text box, and click on the bg folder and drop the gradient in.
To get your website to be centered on the page, go to the inspector and align > center.

To lock the depth of a cell, like your footer, go to the inspector and adjust the height, to something like, 60 px. A soft return helps the space between the lines.

What is looks like, so far….until tomorrow…


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Dreamweaver Class Notes, Day 2…organizing the site Dreamweaver Class Notes, Day 2…Fireworks, making a header

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  • 1. Mr.Wall  |  December 4, 2008 at 6:05 pm

    very good info


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