geeky thing #9 – learning about PURL

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You might wonder “how did they know that?” when you get a personalized email or direct mail piece.  The answer is PURL (personalized URLs).  The technology, as well as the information gathered, is now a key component to helping marketers cut through the clutter and send you information that you are truly interested in.  
Micro-site technology has become a leading component in direct marketing. Broadband services has reached tipping point this year. 51% of all homes now have broadband aka cable or dsl connections. Research, shopping and buying is now shifting to online.  Today, 50% of shopping is done online, a significant amount of off-line shopping is done after online research. (disclaimer – these stats were provided by a purl-provider salesperson)
For marketing or advertising agencies, they can track campaigns across all media, for printers it is a way to contact all contact points. PURL technology companies make their money on each purl generated off the lists.  Currently the information is not shared between the clients, only based on the data that each individual client has captured.
  • PURL – Personal URL … for direct marketing purposes, each person on a mailing list is assigned a personal url, that can be tracked.  Depending on the depth of  information that the list contains, will depend on the level of personalization.  You would see your name appear in the “subdomain” space, if a marketer is using PURL techmology.
  • Back slash  – (after your domain URL) is less secure, purl has better psychographics … implies that customer is more important than company
Advantage of personalized direct campaigns: 
  • Generate higher response (your name here, copy specific to your industry, and connection to the company…do they own the product? what is their title? etc.) 
  • Example of how a marketing effort is traced –  Direct mailing: Info is captured (personalized barcode) via the mailing house to post office to home to user going to the internet. Direct email tracking is similar to constant contact, but more in-depth.
  • Cross channel marketing integrated with CRM, personalized one to one marketing – introduces demographics with the user work flow to “close a deal”
  • A/B split testing(?)  Test the effectiveness and conversion rates of a variety of different landing page design/messaging and or location of banner advertising on other sites.
  • Offline and online marketing creates synastry and info sharing boosts effectiveness and outreach.

Additional features of PURL
  • Tell a friend functionality – generates a PURL on the fly for them…creates the personal url for the new “friend”
  • More rich data you can get, the better (not just name and address)  be careful what you use, could get creepy
  • Can uses flash – avatar (animated character online) can speak to specific 
  • Hint: Limit the number of actions (not return to home page, and make an appt. and call me, etc.) to keep the user focused
  • Create multiple graphic images/skins/copy blocks to react to specific answers to fields (WW2 fan?  then WW2 imagery is on site)
  • CSS style sheet technology
  • As soon as someone clicks on the email – a sales person is getting an email, text message, etc. enabling a rapid response to leads.  At the same time the customer is sent a followup email.  All is automated.
  • Triggers – Different blocks of copy/graphics  respond to different key fields of information gathered (ex. titles get a specific copy/graphics 
  • if [title] = x then show this  [copy , survey , cc function, graphics]
  • When the customer add a title while at their PURL site, it will dynamically change the messaging

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