geeky thing #5 – blogging via my iphone

January 31, 2008 at 8:09 pm Leave a comment

Here is what you need:

 – an email account such as gmail, .mac, or yahoo

 – a blogger blog

 – an iPhone

1. Set up your email account on your iPhone.  

2. Log in to your blogger blog, on the top tabs, the second tab is “settings” click on it, then go to “email” and set up your email address.  

3. Add the email address(es) in your phone book for your blog(s) that you want to post to. This will make life easier. I sat mine up on my computer, then synced it with my phone, since typing on this little keyboard is slower for me. (I gave mine the company name of “blog”…easy to remember.

4. Take a picture, view it in the iPhone camera roll (or pick one from your photo library)

5. When you view it on the phone, there is an icon on the lower left corner that you tap. Then chose “email”. That takes you straight to the email part of the show, where you do your  bloggin’.  The subject line is your title, and the body is the text.

5. Be sure to type your text BEFORE the photo.  Strangely enough, the photo will appear before your text in the blog.

6. Hit send. 

You can also send the photo to your flickr account at the same time, if you wish.  Just cc. your flickr email address (see directions below) and the photo will go there at the same time.  Apparently this will work for myspace, etc. too…but I haven’t gone there, yet…


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geeky thing #6 – sending a picture via my iphone to my blog

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